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 There are many downsides to drinking too much alcohol. Not only is binge drinking dangerous, but long-term drinking can bring on a dependency when a person feels as though they have to consume more alcohol in order to feel normal. If you or someone that you care about has an addiction to alcohol, it is best to look for a local alcohol detox in Orange County to get on a safer, healthier path for sober living.

Most people who take their first drink of alcohol would never believe that they are going to become dependent on it. Some may start drinking to relax, to have fun, or to deal with stress. However, a percentage of people who drink on a regular basis will develop a need for alcohol that calls for professional attention to safely wean from it.

What Happens When You Give Up Alcohol? 

Alcohol detoxification happens in stages. For many people, within one hour after they quit drinking, the body will start going into detox mode as a way to clear alcohol from the bloodstream. This is when the liver will work overtime, and the pancreas also starts making extra insulin, which can often bring on intense carbohydrate cravings. 

Once you start on the journey to be alcohol free, the body will have more of a chance of fighting off germs. Excessive amounts of alcohol can start to blunt the human body immune system, harming the chances for natural repair. After a while living a life free of alcohol, your bodily systems work better, and you will also be of a clearer mind. Working with a team of professionals for alcohol detox in Orange County will help you to work through all of the steps to bring you to success. 

Is It Dangerous To Stop Drinking Suddenly? 

If someone has been consuming alcohol on a regular basis for a long period of time, stopping drinking suddenly can be very dangerous if not monitored carefully. In some instances, sudden alcohol cessation can be life-threatening. If you are a heavy drinker and you stop drinking abruptly, you could experience a range of harmful symptoms. Because of this, it is best that you go through medically-assisted detox to help with the withdrawals and any of the other known side effects. 

What Are The First Signs Of Liver Damage From Drinking?

For someone who has been drinking for an extended period of time, the symptoms and signs of alcoholic liver disease can include things like the loss of appetite, digestive problems, fatigue, jaundice, which is the yellowing of the skin as well as the whites of the eyes.

At TruVida Recovery, we have a staff comprised of caring professionals that want to see you succeed in your journey to sobriety. We offer addiction treatments, counseling, and alcohol detox in Orange County that will help you to have the tools that you need for working through each step. We encourage you to come in to talk with us about our program and to learn more about what you can expect when you enter into treatment with our team here at our treatment center.

Alcohol Detox Orange County